Come listen to my first world problems

After a period of what seemed like a lot of buying and selling, the market for cards has started to slow down a bit. Fewer of those really awesome cards are coming up for sale especially in gem mint condition. I find myself doing a lot of searches on ebay but most of the time there is really nothing of interest to me. Filling in the last few cards for certain sets is getting frustrating but I guess that’s just how it is when your wants list is really specific. It seems like a lot of the gem mint ultra rares have settled into collectors hands. I’m still hoping to finish some gem mint 10 sets this year but it probably won’t be easy. Anyone feel my frustration? What sets are you having trouble finishing?

I can’t find pack fresh English e-series Revrse Holos anywhere. I’m even paying full value. Super annoying.

For mint to pack fresh mint e series cards check out edmerler on ebay. He’s opened boxes/case of each and has some leftovers.

Trying to find a square cut English base charizard xD

Yeah that one will be difficult lol

And I’m sure the e series reverse holos are quite difficult. There are sooooo many of them!

Trying to find reasonably priced older Japanese trophy cards in mint condition is now next to impossible.


I can’t afford this crap anymore.

I’m going to collect exclusively commons.


pm me with your offer for a NM/Mint one.