Charizard and Blastoise Tournaments, but no Venusaur?

Did anyone ever notice how there was never a tournament named after Venusuar?
Charizard had one (Lizardon) and Blastoise had one (Kamex) but Venusaur (Fushigibana) has been completely neglected! Why?

I think just generally speaking Venusaur is less popular. Charizard is a freaking dragon, blastoise has cannons on his shell, and venusaur is a flower.

Look at the prices of D-arts figures from Bandai. Charizard most expensive, Blastoise second, then venusaur is super cheap, and not selling.

yeah , I only really like the venusaur full arts, nothing else of it interests me

Venusaur has always been the least popular of the Gen 1 starters.

No one believes in grass type pokemon

Grass Type Anthem

That’s the first thing I thought of after reading @elam18’s comment.

Bulbasaur is my favorite Pokemon, but even I have to admit that Venusaur pales compared to the other two fully-evolved Kanto starters.

the base set venusaur is pretty gangster tho…

There was a Venusaur tournament. But no one went because it was on the same day as the Charizard tournament. With a choice like that, can you blame them?

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That’s because you guys haven’t seen this.

SPOILER: Click to show

Kidding, Venusaur is still pretty uneventful.

they really struck out with mega venusaur too… another flower doesnt make it cooler

MegaBlastoise just has 2 pipes coming out his arms.

I dislike the whole Megalution mechanic. There are plenty of Basic, and even 1 Stage Pokemon who deserve a real evolution :slightly_frowning_face:

L> for megaevolution jynx