[Buying] PSA 10 Holos & Reverse-Holos - 2003-2007 Cards

Hi dudes, as the title states im looking to buy PSA 10 holos and reverse holos from sets between 2003 (ex ruby/sapph) all the way up to 2007 (ex power keepers).

As there are obviously hundreds of potential cards I won’t list individual prices - but looking to spent between $50-100 per card, with obvious wiggle room on rarer/cooler cards.

Comment what you’ve got or alternatively reach out to me via DM.

Reuben / muddy

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I have a few of the “rarer/cooler” ones if you’re interested:

Team Magma’s Groudon
Dark Octillery
Dark Ampharos
Dark Gyarados RH
Dark Weezing RH
CG Blastoise RH

Sold similar ones in the $150-$400 range, so that’s roughly what to expect with these, with the Gary going for quite a bit higher. DM me if you’re interested in working out a deal :blush: