Beckett Equivalent of PSA 10 Grade

What’s the equivalent to a PSA 10 from Beckett. I got this impression that beckett grades are in general harder to grade just by impression. Would it be fair to say that a 9.5 from Beckett is essentially a 10 in PSA?

BGS is BGS, PSA is PSA. They grade to slightly different standards. A BGS 9.5 could be a PSA 9 or could be a PSA 10. Most people would probably agree with the following:
BGS 10 > PSA 10 > BGS 9.5 > PSA 9
for me I think this general trend is useless though. There’s so much variance within each grade and differences how each company will dock based on something (for instance, centering). Some people might make up some arbitrary rule based on subgrades but personally, I would judge each card individually. This is just my own opinion



No. BGS 9.5 is called GEM MINT and so is PSA 10, but that does not mean they are equal.

There is no equivalent grade because BGS and PSA are just different companies.

If you instead are asking, what is the closest grade wherein most cards would cross to a PSA 10 from BGS, then you’ll have to stick simply with BGS 10 if you want to be extra safe, and a few rare examples may even still fail to cross. If you want something like half of the cards to cross to PSA 10, then perhaps BGS 9.5’s with quad 9.5’s and ideally a 10 subgrade or two. Some extremely rare examples of BGS 8’s or 9’s can even cross to a PSA 10 if the main/only imperfection is off center because BGS’s subgrade system can be harsh on that.

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BGS 9.5 with 2x 10 and 2x 9.5 would be similar to PSA 10. BGS 9.5 with 3x 9.5 and 1x 9 subs would be similar to PSA 9.


BGS 10 Black Label, pure 10 from both companies

Pretty much this.

As previously stated there are a lot of variations within grading, but generally a Beckett equivalent of a PSA 10 is a BGS 9.5 (both called gem mint) or potentially even BGS 10. Beckett generally grades ‘harsher’ but they also have more variations in their grading and aren’t consistent (moreso than PSA) especially lower grades, so take that as you will. Personally, I prefer PSA as their cases look better when presenting and when selling your cards, of course PSA graded cards get you the biggest bang for your buck!

Black label’s are equivalent of PSA 10.5.

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Over the years I’ve tried to cross many BGS 9.5s for minimum grade PSA 10s and many PSA 10s hoping to get Pristine Beckett 10s. I’ve had no luck at all. Very few were changed.
For whatever reason, they both feel they’ll devalue their brand if they give out upgrades.

Honestly, I don’t get it. All I know is that, crossover strategy’s have been used for 20 years, it’s always been like that.


I feel like you shouldn’t worry to much about the sub grades. If the card looks like a 10 it’ll cross to a 10. The card doesn’t lie.