Base Set/Holon Phantoms Blister Pack Values/Questions

Long story short, the owner of my local card shop referred someone to me that is looking to sell several Base Set/Holon Phantoms blister packs. I believe it’s in the ballpark of 15 to 20 packs, with the majority being Base Set. Honestly, I really have no experience with any sealed product from these 2 sets so I was wondering what a fair bulk price for everything would be? What would the signs be that the packs would be fake/tampered with? Would it be possible these packs could already be weighed? (always thought blister packs couldnt) Also, how to distinguish if any of the base set blister packs could be shadowless or 2000? (Was told the packs had price tags from different stores i.e KB toys/EB Games/Ames)

Thank you in advance and sorry for the barrage of questions. Figured that if I went through with this that it was going to cost a pretty penny so I wanted to do my homework.

**Hopefully I’ll be able to upload some pictures of them soon**

As far as pricing goes I can’t really help you there. My last experience was purchasing 2 unlimited base blisters for $75 lol I would look on Ebay for what’s currently available and what’s recently sold. Maybe offer 20-30% off of recently confirmed sales since you’re buying in bulk?

As far as weighing them goes it’s impossible unless you take the pack out. The packaging and the glue used to seal them are never consistent in weight so trying to weigh the minuscule difference in holo or non holo is futile.

As far as tampering goes, these are hard to tamper with which is why they carry a premium (along with being unweighable). Look around the edges of the plastic covering for rips or glue stains to see if someone maybe resealed them. Check for excess glue. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a blister successfully tampered with that wasn’t obvious. Since the blisters are old though it’s important to check the glue seal. Depending on how they were stored the glue can fail and cause the plastic covering to fall off or start to pull up in places.

In base set, if the booster pack says “11 tradable game cards” on the front, the pack is considered shadowless (although not guaranteed). If it says “11 additional game cards” it is unlimited. I don’t think there is a way to distinguish between unlimited and 4th print packs. If there is, I imagine the blister would say 1999-2000 on the back but I’m not even aware that 4th print blisters exist but maybe someone else can clarify on that. Hope this helps and good luck on the buy!