Anyone attending to galatcg germany this weekend from the US? need some help!

Hi all!
I am attending this weekend and was wondering if any of you that are attending could help me bringing a late purchase i made.
I made a late purchase of a card I would like to sign but it was impossible to ship directly to spain, and I had to ship it to my pwccvault.
The card arrived to them 2 days ago, on saturday, but is not processed yet.
I tried contacting pwcc and very rudely, they told me they cant do anything to try to speed up the processing of the package, so I am starting to think it will be impossible to ask for a shipout directly to spain that will arrive in time on friday that I am flying to germany.

So my question is, is any of you guys attending to the event, that are flying on thursday/friday, that could possibly bring me the card If I manage to ship it out to your US address and arrives before your flight?

Its all messy I know, but its a 1st edition spanish fosil articuno that appeared on ebay and it is very mint, slightly better than the copy that I own, and would love to have it signed instead of the one I have here with me.

The timing couldnt have been worse, but it is what it is I guess :smiling_face_with_tear:
Thank you!! :star_struck: