am i a bad person?

so i was just speaking with some colleagues and i was telling them that i collect pokemon cards. so one of my colleagues said he has one of these cool charizards. later that day i checked it out and i couldnt believe what i saw. a shadowless first edition charizard. he smiled at me and said: haha you cant trick me i know what this card worth. it worth about 30 bucks. as you guys can guess i bought the card for 30 bucks.

i feel bad for that guy, but i couldnt give him more because that would be a bit suspicious isnt it?

did anyone had an opportunity like this? would you guys have done the same? or am i just ch**ky b*stard?

also card is not for sale :blush: and sorry for the bad english, i still suck at writing correct english stories



Yeah I would have done it too.

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Got eeeeemmmmmmmmm!



Would have done it myself also.

Congrats to you.

yes youre a terrible person, but youre a terrible person with a 1st edition base set charizard


If I just wanted to keep it for my collection then I probably would have, maybe I’d have just said something like ‘you know what, as were friends why don’t you take 50’. If you say ‘It’s actually worth quite a bit so I’ll give you 100?’ you run the risk of them researching it and possibly wanting full value or being greedy about it.

If you just wanted to resell it then you did a bad thing imo :wink:


Ignorance is not an excuse. If they asked you for that price, I don’t believe you’re morally obligated to counter at all. Obvious exceptions for children, elderly, and disabled.

But a fully competent adult asking less than something is worth? You’re lucky, not morally debase.


You’re not a bad person. Just capitalized on a good deal.

Pics or it didn’t happen!


No, you’re not. It is the seller’s responsibility to determine what amount they will accept for what they’re selling. Since your friend decided he wanted $30 for it, there isn’t a problem with you paying that. The buyer isn’t obligated to let the seller know that their item is considerably underpriced.

I actually disagree (not calling OP a bad person at all though)! While I understand it’s different adding this card to your personal collection - if that’s what you’re planning to do - let me give an alternative scenario…

I work with my father at our coin and hobby shop. If someone were to walk into our shop with a 1st Ed. Base Set Charizard and asked us for $30.00 I’d actually inform that person that this specific card is actually worth a lot more than they’re asking. Let’s say this specific card is worth $500.00, I’d offer that person around $175.00 to $200.00 - I normally like to pay 40% of retail on cards.

there are two main reasons why I find this better in the long run:

1.) That individual may be “testing the market” and actually have more items that they’re looking to sell in the near future.

2.) Offering that individual more than he/she is actually looking for will most likely give us free publicity. That individual will surely tell friends/family which might end up driving in more sales and/or purchases.

While this situation has never happened with Pokemon, it has occurred with coins (our main focus).


It should be noted that the two reasons you gave are business, not ethical, concerns. You did them both as a gamble on potential returns greater than your original investment.

So do you disagree with the ethical claim, or are you suggesting an alternative method for maximizing personal gain?

Very different questions.


The highest moral standard and such would be to tell them that it’s worth more and pay them more. However, it is their fault for not realizing what they had. It happens all the time, people sell things for less than they’re worth. These things are called “deals,” and we all love them :blush:

yeah right…

That is Very True!

I meant to address that as well, can’t believe I forgot too! Haha

Personally, it’s 40% : 60% for me… 40% is ethical and 60% is just business. I would feel bad buying the card for $30.00 (especially if it were for re-sale) and offering more for the card would certainly make me feel a lot better about myself. However, at the same time “it’s just business” (quote from one of my professors lol) and like you said, a gamble, to make more profit in the long run.

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Like I said in my original post, it hasn’t ever happened with Pokemon; however, this kind of situation has occurred with coins - on multiple occasions. Someone comes into the shop seeking $X and I actually educate that person as to what he/she has and offer them a fair market-valued price.

In the end, we still make a good profit so we still come out ahead :blush:

However, this is strictly talking about re-sale and someone walking into our business…

I will go out on a limb here and offer a dissenting view.

No, I don’t think you’re a bad person. Your action though was not right. It’s taking advantage of someone’s lack of awareness of the value of the card. The fact that you posted this question tells me that you don’t feel right about the “transaction” and that you are in fact a good person. But you hope to affirm that it was the right thing to do. Most of the responses so far have supported your action which, whilst totally legal, is not exactly moral. Will you still be able to look your colleague in the eyes every time you see him/her without feeling a bit guilty? You can justify your action by saying that you won’t sell the card and will only go to your collection, but you have already profited from it. You just haven’t realised that profit because you haven’t sold the card yet. Eventually, the card will be sold in the future either by yourself or by your children.

A lot of posters will be annoyed by this post but please do remember that I’m just offering my opinion and more importantly, never forget that Karma is such a bitch, :blush:


You did well mate! Don’t feel bad I would have done the same thing! Its so easy for him to just go on the internet and research the card lol. You saw an opportunity and you swooped down like a furious eagle!

Bravo my friend and I agree.

100% unethical.
Plus you robbed yourself of an opportunity to do something truly special that would have lived on in several different ways for far longer than the money will last.
I can tell you don’t feel good about the deal so you know it’s wrong.

Fortunately, it’s not too late to make it right. Put it up for auction on eBay and give him the link. Tell him you hope to get much more through your auction abilities and you want to split it with him. If it sells for 400.00 you still make 200.00 and you’ll feel so good about yourself for doing the right thing.
I promise you, you will gain tons more in the long run for this one little act of honesty:)