9.7 Billion Pokemon Cards produced in Fiscal Year 2022-2023

The Pokemon Company has released their worldwide sales data for fiscal year 2022/2023 (as of March 31, 2023), and they have sold 9.7 billion Pokemon cards, for a lifetime total of over 52.9 billion cards. It’s the Pokemon Trading Card Game’s most successful year again in the last 7 years.

When compared to last year’s financial results (which were also the best year in the preceding 7 years) of 9.1 billion cards, the sales difference (an increase of 0.6 billion cards) is 6.59%. In addition, the number of card sales has increased by 22.4%, from 43.2 billion to 52.9 billion.

That is good for 18.3% of their lifetime sales sold in their fiscal year of 2022/2023.


Some TCG sales history data from the past fiscal years:

  • As of March 2023: Over 52.9 billion cards worldwide in 14 languages and 89 countries and regions
  • March 2022: Over 43.2 billion cards worldwide in 13 languages and 77 areas
  • March 2021: Over 34.1 billion cards worldwide in 13 languages and 77 areas
  • March 2020: Over 30.4 billion cards worldwide in 13 languages and 77 areas
  • September 2019: Over 28.8 billion cards worldwide in 13 languages and 77 areas
  • March 2019: Over 27.2 billion cards worldwide in 12 languages and 77 countries and regions
  • March 2018: Over 25.7 billion cards worldwide in 11 languages and 74 countries and regions
  • March 2017: Over 23.6 billion cards worldwide in 11 languages and 74 countries and regions
  • Between 2014 and 2016: Over 21.5 billion cards worldwide in 10 languages and 74 countries and regions
  • Between 2004 and 2010: Over 14 billion cards worldwide in 30-40 countries

It doesn’t seem Pokemon kept accurate records for the total number of cards printed before 2017. However, it’s likely the reported change in totals from year to year is now accurate. Therefore it may be dubious to conclude around 18% of all Pokemon cards ever printed were made last year, as Pokemon may not have been keeping reliable records for much of its history.

Credit to Pokebeach and Pokeguardian


An odd thing I just worked out, which might even get ignored, but the cards produced in the fiscal year 2022-23 are enough to cover the average distance between the Earth and the Moon twice.

Each card is 2.5 x 3.5 inches - 6.3cm wide x 8.8cm long. Connecting them top to bottom to create maximum distance. The average distance between the Earth and the Moon is 384,400 km. That’s 8.8 cm x 10 billion, which equates to 88 000 000 000 cm or 880,000 km in total.

An absolutely useless fact, but at least you can impress your dates by saying, “The number of Pokemon cards produced in FY 22/23 is more than double the average distance between the Earth and the Moon.”


or just one Eevee Heroes SA umbreon VMAX


9.7b produced, not sold I believe

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With such high demand, I think it’s equivalent but good point. I will change it.

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Printing into oblivion. Do we have any wotc stats?

Is a tenth of 9.7 billion then 970 million energy cards?

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Yeah, they’ll be auctioning cases of base unlimited - Team Rocket until the sun burns out on heritage


I wonder what card will become the first psa pop infinity.


SWSH50 Charizard is halfway to infinity

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I’ve got 20 boxes to help achieve it in the future lol.

No super precise stats, but gottaketchumall gave a pretty well-reasoned estimate that all Base Set print runs combined totaled 3 billion cards.

And we also know that between 1996 and 2005, more than 13 billion cards were printed.

Basically, 9.7 billion cards in 1 year is insane. During the mid-2000s, they were printing between 125 and 250 million cards per year. Basically, we’re talking about as much as an 80x increase in yearly print run.


I think the most shocking fact about all of this is that 9.7 Billion seemingly wasn’t enough to satisfy current demand.


Thanks. So we should all be collecting base set 2 by those stats it’s the rarest.

Almost 10 billion cards in a year. Waiting to see if a printer catches fire since they never seem to turn them off.

acshully, the longest distance on the card would be 10.82 cm, which is the corner to corner distance. BUT, that’s assuming the corners are square cut. We would have to factor in the fillet for true max distance

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They really have no business printing any more energy cards.

I wonder how many billion of those are just being sent straight to the landfill.

Just send them direct to stores that host the tournaments, players have to go there anyway.

edit: And unlike MTG (I think) the energies are basically the same as they were at the start. 90s CGI.

The numbers they’re producing are insane. Awesome to see demand jump to this level especially after the slump of the mid 2000’s.