21% of all Pokemon Cards Ever Made Were Sold in 2021

Thought this was an incredibly interesting data point, and also a testament to how quickly Pokemon has ramped up production to deal with scalping/reselling issues. Pokemon sold 9.1 billion cards in FY 2021, up from 3.7 billion cards in FY 2020. For a comparison to the “before times,” FY 2016-2019 saw approximately 1.5-2 billion cards sold per year.

To put this into a bit more perspective, Pokemon produced and sold 21% of all cards ever produced in 2021. That percentage jumps to 26% if you compare the 2021 production to production from 1999-2020. A little over 1/5th of the production of 22 years of the TCG occurred in 2021.

Pretty insane to see such longevity and growth from the hobby. I wish we had more detailed statistics to compare Pokemon now to Pokemon in 1999-2000. Would be very interesting to see which “boom” period was more significant.

More info: www.pokeguardian.com/934991_over-9-billion-pokemon-cards-sold-in-fiscal-year-2021-2022


That’s an impressive figure, would love to know what the % of total PSA submission stats are alongside.

Wow inflation also affects Pokémon cards :wink:


sounds like its following the trend of the US money supply

No wonder each set now has about 20 secret rares!

well, it’s also because booster cases are the new blister packs :confused: got about the same odds of pulling anything exciting out of 72 packs as you used to out of 3 :unamused:;.

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