1st Edition Base Set - 10,000 of each card printed?!

Yes, they are! The old URL from the late 1990s was store.wizards.com.

Feel free to check it out!


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What i dont get is if the difference between thick and thin stamps are just pressure, why do we only see variation in 1st base holos? All the non holos are basically thick (very rare instance of thin). Assuming the same stamp process and hardware was used for all of wotc 1st edition, i would expect to see gray stamp and thickness variation errors throughout all 1st editions (maybe not as common, but i have literally never seen a non-base card with a stamp variation like that).

Non holos have stamp variants. There are grey stamps, 3d stamps, the Pikachu ghost stamp and the occasional thin stamp. Along with some oddities like a few nidorinos I have with the same exact ink error. I’ll try and get a photo of it later. I’ve seen gastlys with a similar error as well.


True, i guess it just seems weird to me that in terms of thick vs thin, the overwhelming majority of non holos are thick. Especially considering for holos, thins seem to be more common (not by as large a margin but still). Also as i mentioned, i have literally never seen a gray stamp jungle card or a thick stamp fossil card as like an error if all it takes is a difference of pressure (something like d edition butterfree being different). Odd that these variations only seem to appear in base set, despite their root cause not necessarily being specific to processes used only for base set.

Also yes photos of cards and oddities would be awesome :grin:

Posts like this make this forum the gold mine that it is.


Base set was basically “test set”. They were figuring things out as they went. That’s why it’s loaded with errors and misprints. They got it together onwards. Well there were jungle no symbols where they completely forgot the jungle logo. :upside_down_face:


Jungle no symbol is easily one of the coolest errors, just like, ever. Ive also seen jungle and fossil cards where the set symbol is faint or looks like it was stamped on with low ink. My collector brain is like “wow, that symbol is ever so slightly lighter than it should be :exploding_head::heart_eyes:


Also here is the Nidorino stamp error mentioned earlier. I have a handful with this same error:


Amazing such slight, unnoticeable difference can make a difference in price.


Its the rarity and story that they were the first 1st edition cards plus for every 10 thin stamps that comes up for sale, maybe 1 thick stamp comes up for sale.

I almost needed to wait a year to find a thick stamp gyarados psa 9, while in the same time period many thin stamps were getting sold.

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Same experience for me. Seems to be getting harder to track down thick stamps, especially Charizard and the other popular ones. I’m lucky I got the big 3 all with thick stamps now. I’m trying to track down a Mewtwo and Gyarados as well, those are the next ones I want to get for my binder set.

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