1st ed wotc psa 8 holos Neo series... Crack the case

Hey everyone, as you know I’m a big psa collector of many different cards and sets. While dealing with many quality cards and sets I’ve purchased through the last 2 years I have found that the 1st edition Neo sets have lots of issues. Factory horizontal/vertical scratches in the holos and even on the backs of them more specifically neo genesis and Revelation. Silvering on the neo destiny sets and good sized nicks on revelation as well. Neo discovery was very well produced. Anyway psa 8 cards are hard to sell and I have some various cards from these sets in psa 8. Rather than sell em I’ve thought about cracking open the cases and completing the sets.

I’m looking for thoughts and opinions on what I should do with these cards. They are all pulled and straight to sleeve so the quality is great. Furthermore if you feel a card would only grade an 8 I feel it would make it easier to sell raw or to stick in a binder. I may provide pics of these psa 8 holos at a later date.


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crack the case

Lol funny you mention the Neo Destiny silvering.

Opened a few packs myself and pulled a 1st edition Light Arcanine with the silvering…

Sent it with a “Whatever happens, happens” mind set into PSA

… Ended up a 10 .___.

Nice. Ya I do have quite a few 8s from the silvering from the destiny set and the holos appear scratch free. I had thought no better than a 9 for most. But I have some 8s that look 10. Those are in a far stack of regrade pile lol. It really depends with the grader and how harsh the silver borders are.

You might do better with a complete 8 holo set?

Maybe send those regrades in with me. I have a large regrade pile going back to PSA to see how it goes. Around 50+ 9s.
we can post the results here.

I still got to remove them from there cases lol. So maybe next month. I only got around 20-25 psa 8/9 I wanna Regrade

Do regrades actually end up being graded that differently? From peoples experiences here? I’ve never regraded a card myself… Eventhough I have a few that I think deserve higher grades than they were given.

Just crack it open and binder a whole set!

I have sent in a couple cards and was returned with the same results for them. But I have seen others that have regraded 9s and got 10s. I’ve had a few 6s regraded as 8s too and that was due to printing defects

My opinion would be to crack them open and try to form complete sets and sell. There is a good market for complete sets, and as you’re well aware as more Neo cards are graded now, there really is very little market for them even in 9’s in some cases.