Yzma's collection

Hi I’m new here ^^
Here is my colletion

This is my three Victory medals, folklores Lucario EX and Bill from base set. I like those victory medal cards because Pikachu is so cute on them ^^

I bought the Lucario card because its a promo card, and the Lucario from the eight movie is the only Lucario I realy like.

and then its Bill. Its kinda a funny story why I like him, I got him in all of my seven first booster packs, and it felt like a minior victory when I bought a booster from the jungle set, and did not get him. (I as asix year old boy, who is not able to read English, did not under stand the concept of diffrent sets back then.)
Now he is my bookmark ^^

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Awesome. Welcome to the forum. I love that you have these rare cards next to plain old bill. The old base set cards hold a lot of fond memories for many of us collectors :slight_smile:


Thank you ^^ Will update with more cards tomorrow

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Welcome and gotta love Bill

Due to illness around christmas I was unable to update as fast as I promised, but here is the rest of the rarest cards I own, pluss a grass type promo I got as a freebie with the Shinng Mew card:

And three less rare promo cards:

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Got this yesterday:

The kind seller also gave two Manaphy promos in no so good condition for free :slight_smile:


Recived the Web version of University Magikarp today :slight_smile:


The first edition of The Shiny Collection: (Missing the five secret rares, will get those later this year.
I will say they are in mint condition, except Gardiover. She has a smal scratch on the back,mbut I can live with that.
Dearie me, this cards soo cute! Except Stunfisk. My favorite is Eevee, it is simply adoreable!

My next uppdate will be a complete set of the Double Crisis cards


More cards:

Four of these cards was my forst order from TCGrepublic

@yzma - Do you like the movie style cards?

A bit, yes.
Mostely because I like the anime too.

Will take a short break from cardcollecting now, because I have other hobbies too :3

@yzma - Oh I see. I used to collect all the movie half decks. Then sold them all to a collector on pokegym. Now I’m kicking myself because I haven’t seen one of the decks for sale in a while. Oh well… I’ll get them back eventually!

New additions to my collection:

A cute promo card from a 7 -11 lunchbox deal if I remember right, and a Legendary shine boosterbox. Got the complete set in 14 packs so I’m keeping the last sealed as I like the artwork on it.


New additions I have got since summer:

Got this trio together, only Loudred was graded. My first graded card :blush:


Nice new cards :blush: I have always like those three imakuni cards, the art on them is funny :blush:

Nice new cards :blush: I have always like those three imakuni cards, the art on them is funny :blush:

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Thanks, I like those too!
Are they ment to tell a story about him ignoring something his pokémon has to say until he can’t overhear it? Thats the feeling I get from them :stuck_out_tongue:

I just kinda get like the feeling they are just shouting at him to be honest haha.

New awsome addition to my collection, I’m realy happy I own it


Got this as a Christmas gift