Yu-Gi-Oh Match Winners!

Hey guys!
I know many of us here are interested in Yu-Gi-Oh cards as side collections, and I am also one of those people :blush:
Recently I have been looking at the “Match Winners” cards which seem to be very popular to collect, most of them look really amazing and they are in a very reasonable price range to have something to work and “aim” for.

I am not really sure about how they work though, how does the reprinting work more exactly? I know that they reprint some of the prize cards each year as official “Replicas”, but not all of the prize cards has been reprinted yet it seems.

Also wondering which ones that would be good to aim for, or are there other card sets that you would recommend looking into?

I also saw that some cards got “Unlimited” reprints like the “Legendary Dragon of White” which got a reprint in the World Superstars set, maybe the prices will drop on the Replicas if they continue with this?

Tagging @pottsinator as I have seen that you collect these, hope it’s ok :wink:


I love watching this guy’s videos! love his enthusiasm , passion and justification in his collection!!!

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I will say this. Of all the major card games around. Yugioh has some of the most consistent pieces of amazing artwork I have ever seen. MTG comes close as it aims to make the higher focused cards more of an artwork priority. Pokemon is the only one where I’ve seen a rare card look like elementary level artwork.


Give this article a read :blush:


He is a great guy and one of the biggest Yugioh collectors. He’s also on Instagram as “asianyensation”

If you have anymore questions feel free to message me! As I’m learning more about the reprints and Yugioh daily as well ;p

Thanks for the link! I will give it a read :blush:

I’m following him on insta too, quite an insane collection there :wink:

Gonna share these more recent Pendulum ones too, they look so amazing! I hope that Sakyo will become a Replica :blush: