Your Top Artworks

A thread to share your top 1/2/3/4/5+ favourite looking cards. It can be based on solely the artwork or the whole card in general, up to you. I recently chose my top 10 that I own for example I probably prefer the picture to my #3 card but the #1 and #2 cards looks nicer overall to me.

Here’s mine: (from top left to top right, then bottom left to bottom right)

Just swap the Umbreon for a 1st Ed English version and the Raikou for an ungraded one. :grin:

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My top ten are all older cards (probably due to nostalgia :stuck_out_tongue:)

  1. Charizard (base 2)
  2. Venasaur (base 2)
  3. Ninetails (base 2)
  4. Poliwrath (base 2)
  5. Blain’s Arcanine
  6. Brocks Rhydon
  7. Rhydon (base)
  8. Flareon (jungle)
  9. Alakazam (base 2)
  10. Arcanine (base)

Sorry, I don’t have anything to take a picture with. I don’t even have 3-10 anyways, but I have recently ordered some of them, and will get the others soon enough.

oh how I wish I could afford the older booster boxes :confused: I only ever got 1-2 packs at a time as a kid, so I never really pulled anything good.

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Have always loved the dark raichu secret rare from the team rocket set. Pretty hard to beat that one for me!

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  1. Dragonair (Base set) 2. Rocket's Persian ex 3. Vaporeon Holo (Skyridge)
  2. Hydreigon Holo (Phantom Forces) 5. Charizard Holo (Skyridge) 6. Pikachu (Ex Holon Phantoms)

Really nice choices @iluvatar, I’ve been meaning to choose my top 10 non-holo’s for a while now. I think Dragonair has to be one of them!

So many more I love but thought I’d stop at these ones

Here are my favorite artworks, which are all apparently fire pokemon. I just find them to be really emotional :stuck_out_tongue:

And the EBB Tepig family:

Kanako Eo is becoming one of my favourite TCG artists… So amazing.

I love the dark golbat from the team rocket set, the way it’s flying face out from the cave and the nice bright greens, great card!