Your choice of binder?

Happy to help! I will get back to you this afternoon. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Okay, here’s the scoop!

  1. When determining the amount of pages might fit in a binder, my personal conversion rate is 8:1 to normal paper, rounded down. The 2" binder has a capacity of 325 normal sheets, it should comfortably fit 40 nine-pocket pages with cards in them (360 cards). The 3" binder has a capacity of 525 normal sheets of paper, so that’s 65 nine-pocket pages (585 cards).

In practice, you might be able to fit more than that and adjust accordingly. But not over-stuffing binders is an important part of collecting cards in binders to begin with, so I recommend finding a natural stopping point around these projected card counts and then see how neatly everything fits. Adjusting your binder composition should be an organic process. Let the cards fill out the books naturally.

  1. That light gray binder was a 3" binder and it held all my cards Base through Gym Challenge. This was about 600 cards including some variants or Japanese cards that supplemented the sets. I would consider this binder at capacity and would not have put any more pages in it.

  2. The black dividers are my own creation. It is 9x12 Strathmore Mixed Media Paper. I then brought them to a FedEx store where they were able to cut and hole punch them to size. I forget exactly how I cut them since this was in 2019. This paper is acid free and safe for conservation, which is why I selected this stock.

  3. Yes, I purchased mine right from Bindertek. Shipping is what it is, I’m afraid.

I think if I tag you (@Demonboyjr) you’ll see I made this edit. :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I appreciate the detailed reply! I hope this helps others out as much as it helped me.

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Just wanted to follow up and say this is the highest quality binder I’ve ever used and it’s not even close, but it better be for the price lol. I even took your advice on the Strathmore paper. I know it’s not Pokemon, but I hope your post and my testimony can be of some help for others. Thanks again!


Nice binder and lovely Realforce :wink:

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I love to this! I’m so glad you’re into it! Binder collectors unite!

I’ve just recently purchased a toploader binder for the first time like a month ago, and I absolutely love it. One thing I will warn though is that this thing is freaking massive. I know some of them can get kinda pricey, but mine was only $21, and the quality surprised me! I got it off of Amazon. It’s a “KarlyPro toploader binder”

Screenshot 2024-04-18 022201

I like that it has what looks like an “R” on the front because I originally bought this to put my 1st Edition team rocket set in :slight_smile: