Your biggest upgrade?

As collectors I feel as though we’re always trying to upgrade our collections. Either in a grade of a card or consolidating to get a card we are after.

What was one of your biggest upgrades you were able to accomplish for your collection?



that 4xxx cert premium is crazy

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PSA appraising PSA slabs hell yeah! They’re almost close to accurate too


what does PSA value mean? i see it and its always higher than the market

I’ve been slowly upgrading my WOTC Gyarados Master Set from PSA 9s to PSA 10s. Some of these have been pricey so I’ve been very patient about getting good deals and waiting for copies that I’m really happy with.

I’m almost there! Just need the 4th print, Dark Gyarados Unlimited Nonholo, and Shining Gyarados 1st Edition.


The 4th print is so hard to find

The APR value is based on sold listings. The PSA value is ignorable.

That is a pre-APR relic of when they would guesstimate the value of cards and publish them in the SMR magazine. Very useless for pokemon because price move so fast


I screwed up and didn’t buy one that was on eBay a while back :man_facepalming:

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its a fantastic card. Undervalued at any price lol

Ill shill gold stars for as long as I live

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The story is I pulled it when it was a new set and kept it in a binder for years. I put it in a ~100 card sub thinking it was genuinely the strongest card if l in the sub.

It got a 9. I sent it back in later with a couple strong base 1st ed holo PSA 8s that also got upgraded


Does it count if you upgrade a piece of scrap paper that said “Eevee Fan Club” on it and replaced it with the actual card in the binder?

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Pics or it didn’t happen

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Similar to PFM’s post - in 2019 I spent my $100 in ebay bucks (rip) on a PSA 9 1st ed Machamp. When the card came in it was pretty clean so I cracked/resubbed it and landed the upgrade.

Then the boom happened and


dont forget what they took from us :pensive:


A reenactment of that upgrade


That’s a huge upgrade! Next one will be Scramble Eevee. :crossed_fingers: