Your ALL Time Favorite Card

Hey guys! I want to know everyones favorite card. It may not be the rarest or most valuable but it means something to you and represents why your such a strong collector. For me it has to be the Base set charizard. I remember pulling one and feeling like a MILLION bucks. I remember the exact moment and location it happened. This feeling of excitement really is driving me to become one of the best collectors out there. What is your Favorite card!!!?

Hmmm…now this isn’t my all time favorite card but when I was 10 or so I pulled a first edition German charzard from a pack! I still have the card all these years latter too!

I don’t exactly have a favourite card, yet I do have a favourite promotional release. My favourite release is the [Toyota Auto 1997 Campaign Folder], with Pikachu and Arcanine. I am fascinated – nay, obsessed with this item. I believe it is such a unique promotional release, and its history is what is so attractive to me :heart:

I like those too! Did they give those out with the purchase of a car or with the test drive of one?? …or something totally different?