You should all clean your keyboard.

So beautiful.


Is it your keyboard ?

It is disgusting …

Yes. I cleaned it out today, a lot of beard hair.

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Cherry Mx red switches, drool :grin:

Mines getting to that state slowly lol

i’ve been wanting to clean it but get easily get distracted and forget about it

Yeah I had been procrastinating about it for weeks. You never truly realise how much stuff falls between the keys until you get them all off. Every hair/crumb that falls from you while you are sitting at your computer goes into those keys.

Ew. Gross. You don’t deserve my friendship.

I am glad you are breaking us up, saves me doing it and being the bad guy.

oh god. clean it with fire please.


I clean mine about twice a week. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats why you don’t face palm onto the keyboard.

I regularly clean out my keyboard. I learned my lesson when I used to World of Warcraft.
I would eat around my keyboard all the time. I spilt those microwaveable Kim Chee bowls
on a my keyboard once.

Has a beard
Doesn’t brush the keyboard with it to clean it.

What is wrong with you?


Finally cleaned mine today. Here is what it looked like before:

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wow that’s bad, looked like something else was falling in between the key boards hahah.

i wonder how dirty my work key board is since i use it 8 + hours a day…

Well that’s my lunch ruined

I am so happy that people are still discovering this thread.

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That’s a classic.