Yamabuki gym deck, error on bulba?!

So, I bought an opened deck. It only has 63 cards. On bulba it says it should contain 64(as it says on the deck as well). Yet if you count up all the cards listed you end up with 63. What is going on?

hope you guys can help.

Are the numbers for the cards all correct?

If I remember correctly that deck comes with something like 25 Energy Cards and the others have x2 or even x3.

There is an error in the listing.



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I believe I caught the error. Only 1 Sabrina’s Porygon was listed when there should have been 2. Thanks for the heads up!

Great, thanks!


I just wanted to take a second and say that I really appreciate all of the work that you do for Bulbapedia. I have a huge respect for it as a resource and deeply value the positive relationship between Bulbapedia, namely you as the intermediary, and our community.


This is a gross misinterpretation. I owe Nathan nothing. I have nothing to gain by giving him due credit for his work.

Sometimes people just deserve to hear something nice because of the hard work that they do.

Echoing the appreciation for Bulbapedia. Pomf is a bit of a dropkick but the people who write the articles, and update the pages are awesome.

I take implications of ulterior motives very seriously, as would anyone whose intentions could be damaged by mischaracterization. I love to joke and give people the benefit of the doubt 99% of the time, but character statements plant seeds and cannot go without proper response.

I really appreciate the kind words. A lot of times, we only hear about how much we suck because of the errors on Bulbapedia, how slow we are, etc., so it’s really uplifting to hear about the things people enjoy every once in a while. There’s always a ton going on, a lot of things to fix/correct, and the TCG section is something like 35% of the entire encyclopedia, so I personally enjoy that people take the time out of their schedule to post about and alert me to problems they find (since I really can’t do it alone, and there are only something like 3 people who ever feel like they can do anything on the TCG pages). I want the community to grow and I like being able to inform the public about stuff and generate hype for new things and whatnot. I enjoy my role in our community, and it makes me extremely happy to hear about how they like what I’m doing. =]


Don’t worry, everyone uses bulbapedia. Even the cynics who unjustly complain still log in at the end of the day to get the information needed.

Of course there is always room for suggestions, but don’t let the unwarranted whining discourage the progress. Bulbapedia has helped the hobby tremendously. Having information out there has helped everyone, including people who complain.


I love bulbapedia