Xuzu's Japanese Singles Wants! (Pokedex Project)

I’ll need a lot of singles for my Pokedex project (seen in collections forum). I’ll post the images here of the cards I’ve chosen and need. Cards with white crosses are not needed as I have them.

I’m going to post the pictures as I choose them, as posting 251 at once could be a lot. If you have many singles that I could potentially want, it’d be great if instead of making lots of single transactions, you could put cards aside for me as I go through the Pokedex, and then at the end perhaps we can make one deal for 10 cards and it makes it a lot easier. None of them should be that expensive so hopefully it’s convenient for you too.

Looking for pretty much mint cards, near mint is fine, especially if the only damages are on the back.

Those are definitely some divine choices.