WTT: Vintage Collection for a damaged Miracle Diamond

Want to trade my old Vintage Collection for a damaged Miracle Diamond (or for any other trophy cards…)

Can DM a full detailed list of everything (forum, discord or IG - xell0x)


April fools was yesterday! :wink:


Why 5 damaged specifically?

As @smpratte stated jokingly, this trade would never go through. The value just isn’t there. And it would take someone a significant amount of energy/time to sell your collection to extract some amount of money from it.

If you are serious about owning trophy cards, I would recommend getting cash on hand.


Try putting the images in a gallery (3x3 square icon). Helps make it easier to look through haha.

Maybe you should do some proper research then, Some of that stuff is selling on Ebay for quite some decent amounts, especially older Japanese Sleeves and Worlds Merchandise. Just because you aren’t interested in these kind of items doesn’t mean nobody else is. Also I can’t remember asking for opinions. I am well aware of their more exotic nature.

Why do you think I am looking to trade my entire old collection at once? Because I don’t want to put in the energy and time to maximize the collection’s value, so I am fine getting a decent trade out of it. Always open to counteroffers as well. Worst case everything goes back into the attic, quite simple.

I am very serious about owning trophy cards, and I have some nice cash on hand for them my friend.

Nobody would say anything if the post was pick ‘X’ value worth of items in the pictures below to trade for a single Mysterious Pearl

Buts its for 5.

Honest advice, sell the more expensive cards separately, sell the rest as a job lot if you don’t want to break it up.

This trade is not attractive to the person with the trophies, best just to use cash

Part of the reason why we removed trades previously was that most trade threads ended up being like this: offering large amounts of lower-value items in an attempt to consolidate and trade up to a very desirable card.

I don’t mean this harshly, but nobody with a trophy card is interested in a trade like this. Nobody looks at their Miracle Diamond and says, “I’d really rather have bulk Korean XY era, some sleeves, and a PSA 9 reverse crystal Charizard.” Generally if you’re looking to trade up with a bunch of lower-value stuff you’ll need to offer something like 40% above the value of the item you want to trade for, because your trading partner will have to do all the work of liquidating your items.

If you are looking for a trophy card, as others have noted, selling your items and getting cash in hand is going to be the best way to do it.


I understand, hence why I am open to negotiate in private.