WTT: Raw 1st Base Raichu for Another 1st Base Holo

Have a spare binder worthy 1st edition base Raichu with some love on the back and would like to trade it for a 1st edition base set holo that I am missing. The front is quite nice so it would look great in a binder collection.

Would be interested in a trade for a Chansey, Gyarados, Mewtwo or Zapdos.

Also missing Clefairy, Poliwrath and Venusaur. Not as close in value on their own but wanted to include them since other things could definitely be added to the trade to make it a fair one.

If this is how you describe wear/damage, I got a LOT of love all over😏

Hope it isn’t also because someone played with your backside. lol


I legit don’t know what the relative value of beat up 1st base holos is, but I have a spare Chansey and no raichu in the binder set I’m putting together if this one meets your needs sufficiently?

And this would be great for me because I have a rule on my binder sets that I have to encounter them naturally and cannot buy them off well-known brand stores or eBay.


Deal! Check your PMs.

That is a cool rule to have!!

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Thanks! Trying to experience collecting the way it would have been for the average collector in the late 90s-early 2000s. This trade will put me at 8 holos! :grin: