WTT (PICS attached) 4 PSA 9/10 HOLO 1st Edition Shadowless

I’m Looking for Shadowless 1st Edition PSA 9-10 HOLO trade offers.

My brother… Make one thread for wants and trades and list everything on the same post. Update the post whenever you want something or have a new offer and give it a bump. There’s no need to create thirty threads. I clicked your name and went to look at all your threads and almost all of your threads are trade or buy threads. It clutters up the board. Just spend some time editing a massive post, saving periodically of course, and put it in your signature. Be thorough, specific, and take your time.
If you click my “Wanted” link in my signature you can get an idea of what I mean. There’s a million ways you can format it so don’t feel locked in to my way. Good luck on your deals.

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:joy::joy: thanks bro. That helped. I work long hours. Business is crazy right now. So I literally take few short minutes to do this. But you’re right. I should take a solid hour and do it the other way. Thx for the Advice.

omg this almost makes me want to start collecting a psa 10 legendary collection set amazing cards :blush:

You got anything trade worthy ?

not any more only have the stuff thats staying in my collection forever :wink: