WTT for PSA 9 Goldstar or Skyridge Zards

Hey there!! So I’m a goldstar and skyridge lover! As many as other zards but particularly those.
I have some things to trade, as well as I don’t mind putting up money to cover any difference if there is any. (Obviously I know most of these cards aren’t worth the same as the cards in the title but more than one can be traded!)

Plasma storm Zard PSA 9
Stormfront Zard PSA 9
Fire red leaf Green Zard PSA 9
Base unlimited Zard BGS 9
Ex Dragon Zard PSA 9
Burning Shadows Zard PSA 9
Burning Shadows Promo SM 60 Zard PSA 10
Shadowless base set booster pack Zard art PSA 9
Unlimited blister pack
Tentatively available Shadowless Zard PSA 8.5 (I feel it’s a strong 9) but I’m not a grader. Most likely will send it in.

I’ll put a value on the cards mentioned in the title
Goldstar Zard 1200 USD
Skyridge Zard 1400 USD