I do have to wonder how in-tune Pokemon is regarding the TCG, and my hunch is that they’re very much in-tune more than some folks think on specific aspects, like health of the game, how this impact the TCG but also the company as a whole, that sort of thing. I dunno, I feel like for such a huge franchise, there’s definitely teams and people that have to assess how cards are going to impact based on numerous things. Like it’s not willy-nilly, there’s reasons for anything the company does.

I could be wrong, and that’s kind of only for the creation and the playable cards part. So that’s my hunch on the playable Iono, but the art Iono and SA is probably a different story, and that’s probably the area where it’s more up to collectors and can’t be controlled too much. That’s just my thoughts, like I said, I could be wrong – but I just don’t know about the idea that a huge franchise doesn’t know what they’re doing. So I guess we’ll just have to see how things go! Can’t wait for the other Iono cards! Just to see them, maybe not able to buy them though. :')


They know exactly what they’re doing to keep the JP sets successful. Aside from perhaps Pokémon GO and Dark Fantasma, TPC has been on a winning streak (i.e. sold out) since Shiny Star V in November 2020. That was 24 sets ago


i can’t speak on TPC, but i know there are veteran players who now work for TPCI

TPCI, unlike most other CCG, takes great consideration of the impact of cards on the meta. I can’t see how this card will have such a limited print that it will be hard to get. NOW, I’m curious to see what the more necessary supporter will be (perhaps we already know) the Lysandre/gust/scoop-up equivalents.

EVEN then, I’m sure they’ll print enough to satisfy the meta. However, that does not necessarily mean they’ll print Full arts and Alt Arts… So that might not satisfy the demand to keep cost low-ish. IDK. One reason I’m not bullish on any modern full arts.


Shiny Star V was 24 sets ago?!?!? Feels like just yesterday


i hope they print tulip with some broken effect for psychic pokemon

Bling decks went from being like $1000 at the highest end when i started to being like $10,000. Imagine telling grandma your pokemon card duelling deck is worth 10k

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New exs announced! The first grass forretress card since 2006!


hopefully mimi gets an AR