Hi need these final ENGLISH psa cards for to complete sets. All in usd, and not including shipping cost (I live in Australia) and negotiable

-PSA 10 Breaks
-Greninja (40usd)
-Empoleon Promo (50usd)
-Noctowl Promo (50usd)
-Beeheyeem Promo (50usd)
-Wobbufet Promo (40usd)
-Ho-oh Promo (50usd)


Have a good day

Juat wondering why one of the new cases is negative?

Those cards are the last ones I need to finish the set. And the ones I have are not new cases, so I want to keep the uniform and finish them that way. Having one odd one out makes me annoyed

Well if this is a legit concern for you and you find someone with a PSA 9 Chansey, can you point them in my direction? I don’t care about the case.

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Bump, increased prices of psa 9 shadowless chanseys and seek breaks

Any chance you need Lugia break?

Nope already got, just need the ones listed :blush:

Havent graded them, but they should get a 10. Ive just put offers up here for them to avoid me the hassel if I cant grade them.