WTB WOTC PSA 9 Japanese holos

I’m searching for japanese wotc holos PSA 9 slabs (certification 5X and 6X only). Bulk appreciated.

  • Jungle
    Snorlax: 40

  • Fossil
    Moltres: 40
    Lapras: 40
    Raichu: 40
    Haunter: 35

  • Team Rocket
    Dark Gyarados: 40

If you think that my prices are too low you can contact me

  • Neo 2 (in progress)
  • Neo 4 (in progress)
  • Gym heroes and challenge (in progress).

If you have mint raw cards it can works too.

I’m from France (European sellers are appreciated) but I have middlemen in the US and UK if it’s a problem for you feel free to contact me.


Adding prices is a requirement for the buy section, you don’t need to price out individual cards (although this would probably make your thread much more successful) but please update with at least a range of prices you’re willing to pay for these cards!


Sure ! I’ll do it thanks

Rip my entire collection

These are the ones I have in my pwcc vault. Just noticed you only want gym in 10 though.

I recommend checking the weekly pwcc auctions, there tends to be a lot of Japanese psa 9 holos

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