WTB vintage booster boxes

Looking to buy English (and Media Factory Japanese) Pokemon booster boxes 1999-2011 era (Base through Call of Legends). My buy prices for Wizards boxes below. Please DM me here if you’re open to selling. All offers are inclusive with an insured shipping label to my location.

Base Set, Blue Wing $11.3k, Green Wing $11.9K
Jungle $8.9k 1st Ed / $5.2k Unlimited
Fossil $8.5k / $5.2k
Team Rocket $10.5k / $6.3k
Gym Heroes $8.8k / $5.2k
Gym Challenge $10.3k / $6.7k
Neo Genesis $20.7k / $9.4k
Neo Discovery $14.3k / $7.2k
Neo Revelation $18.4k / $9.3k
Neo Destiny $22.4k / $11.3k
Legendary Collection $30.8k
Expedition $22.8k
Aquapolis $26k
Skyridge $35k

All USD as of date of posting, subject to change over time. Based in Phoenix, happy to buy from anywhere in the world. Thanks. :troll:


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Thanks for copying my post nearly word for word Sean. :joy::joy:


Let’s talk about Dennis some day. You’re welcome :wink:.


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