WTB: Various Japanese non-rares

Hi guys,
I’m looking for a few Japanese cards that for one reason or another I can’t easily find on eBay, etc. for reasonable prices, even though none of them are particularly rare. In order, they are:

-Master Ball and Max Revive from Vending Series 2
-Girafarig and Unown T from the Bastiodon Defender Deck; both have Japanese-exclusive artwork.
-Rare Candy and PlusPower from Reviving Legends (2010); both have Japanese-exclusive artwork.
-Lillipup from the Cobalion Battle Strength Deck (never got released in English :slightly_frowning_face:)
-Base Set, Gym Heroes and Gym Challenge Jynx (Japanese version ONLY)
-Sabrina’s Gaze (Japanese version ONLY)
-Koga’s Ninja Trick (Japanese version ONLY)


Hmm, I do have Master Ball & Max Revive.
Problem is, I have max revive twice and master ball only once.
If I sell you the master ball, the set will be broken up and I intent to sell it as as set. :stuck_out_tongue:
You have all the other cards from vending 2?

Yup, I only need those two because back when I was collecting the set, I saw that they had the same art as the ones in the English Gym Challenge(?) set and didn’t bother buying them.

That’s okay about Master Ball. I wouldn’t want to ask you to break up your set as I’m trying to complete my own! :stuck_out_tongue:

I need to check, I believe I have at LEAST the master ball…
Would you care if you give me the price you had in mind for it?

I’m really only looking to spend a couple of dollars for both of the Vending 2 cards. The Card Collector UK sells them for 1 and .50 GBP respectively but it would cost an additional 5 GBP in shipping to have them mailed to the US, so…

Ahh I can probably do $2 shipped for the Master Ball?
$1 for me, $1 for shipping from CAN to USA?
I need to see on the potion though. :blush:

Sounds good, I can do that!

I ended up buying the Max Revive on eBay because a seller was having a sale on one for 20% off the normal price. So I only need the Master Ball now. PM your e-mail and I’ll Paypal the $2 with my address for it? :blush:

Bumping this with a new request for three Jynx cards in Japanese: Base Set and both of the Sabrina’s Jynx cards from the Gym sets. As far as I can tell, they’re the only three that were altered internationally because of Jynx’s skin color.