WTB: Unlimited PSA10 Non-Holo Rares (+Uncommons, Commons)

Seeking the below Non-Holo Rares (to start off with), completing a set of Unlimited PSA10’s.I realise that this may take a while to complete, but will start somewhere. At the moment, just focusing on some of the Non-Holo rares, but if you do have PSA10 Uncommons and Commons, I may be interested to hear from you!

**Non-Holo Rare needs:Pokemon: 17, 19, 20, 21, 22
Trainers: 71, 72, 73, 74, 79

As for prices, let me know what you may have, and will do proper research and find a fair market offer. Being non-holo rares, I’d be looking at $20-30+ each, and possibly some more for a few of them. Would prefer to buy in a lot/bulk, but happy to hear what you do have.

Again as above, if you do have any Uncommons/Commons, I’d also be happy to extend the buy list to that ($10-25+) on each as well. Prefer a ‘lot’ buy as above, but again, I am happy to discuss.

Thanks all, happy collecting

**EDIT:**I didn’t mention that prices as above are in US…even though I am from Australia!
I also have multiple items to trade, including some I have listed here on the Forum (plus others). Will come back with a total list of things I am willing to trade (I will update this post), or ultimately happy to buy $.