WTB : Triangle error boosters + phantom pikachu + MORE

I need PSA 9 triangle error packs. I need both the venusaur cover art and Blastoise cover art.

I’ll pay $115 a piece. I can also do $55 for non graded minty packs. No bends or major damage.

I’m also looking for a PSA 9 ghost/phantom stamp Pikachu. Willing to pay $170. 8’s struggle to sell at the $120-$130 mark so I think that’s fair.

I would also like any Generations or Evolutions miscuts or misprints of any kind.

Last but not least, I need an orange ink smear haunter misprint. I will pay $30 for NM and $45 for mint.

I can do ebay and PayPal.

A little above your price point, but he has sold many at auction that went below your price point in the past week or two. He is sitting on tons, may be worth a message to him.

recent sold

still available

thanks for the tip. hopefully he has more left