Wtb: Starter Deck A or B

Hey everyone,

I’ve resurfaced from my year of school/internship, and I’d like to make my first major card/deck purchase before I start my last year.

I’d like to get a Starter Deck A or Starter Deck B - mint condition or unopened with the original box. I’m spitballing here, but if someone also happens to have the Pokemon Live! soundtrack or Mechamewtwo card, I’d also be willing to make an offer on those. Since I have no on-site references yet, I’d prefer to pay via paypal.

In case someone PM’s me after I go back into school mode, my school email is theodore@terpmail.umd.edu (please only resort to that if I don’t respond within a few days).

Let me know if anything comes up; I’ll add a “BOUGHT” comment once I can get one, but consider the offer open until then!


PM’d :blush:

If you find a Trainer Deck A sealed, you’ll have a heck of a lot of competition from this guy! lol

Sent you a PM