WTB skyridge pack

just one pack for my booster packs collection.
im offering 270$


For how much?


sorry about that


Don’t think anyone would sell for that price,
those packs sell consistently pretty much instant on ebay for 275 USD-300 USD on Ebay and there is none listed now

You’re partially right, I’ve searched eBay for “sold items” packs some have been sold recently even at 140, but this is not indicative of the rule of course.

Thanks for the advice, I raise my offer to $ 270.

you should have a much better chance with that offer :blush: best of luck hunting the pack!

Just a tip, edit your original post with the offer so possible sellers can see your offer immediately instead of having to scroll through the post


I know what you’re talking about. Those are German packs.

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the ones that sold in may for 100$ were known to be tampered with. the buyer even talked about it in his description.

Man where did these packs disappear to? I have I think about 4 or 5 packs in my safety deposit box I’ll find one for you in a couple weeks

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