WTB Shadowless Blastoise EXC Condition

Hey everyone,
I am looking to buy the following cards to complete a shadowless base set. Mostly looking for EXC condition, can go down to a very LP with no creases. I’ll consider graded cards too, around PSA 5-6.

-Shadowless Blastoise 2/102 $60-$75 Bought
-Shadowless Venusaur 15/102 $50-$55 Bought
-Shadowless Machamp 1st ed 8/102 $20 Bought

I’ll be getting back 2 blastoise from PSA that are expected to get 5-7 range. I’ll hit you up if you still need one. @mistercrunch,

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If you’re looking for shadowless Zard in more of the pSA 4 range or an OC shadowless Venasaur pSA 7 or ninetales let me know