[WTB] Seals Pokémon


I would like to buy (or trade) some TOPSEIKA seals to complete my collection.

TOPSEIKA seals look like that:

I lack all the final evolutions except Dragonite and Mewtwo …
I am looking for (sorry for the french names, but you have the number):

3 Florizarre
6 Dracaufeu
9 Tortank
12 Papilusion
15 Dardargnan
18 Roucarnage
20 Rattatac
22 Rapasdepic
24 Arbok
25 Pikachu
26 Raichu
28 Sablaireau
31 Nidoqueen
34 Nidoking
36 Melodelphe
38 Feunard
40 Grodoudou
42 Nosferalto
45 Rafflesia
47 Parasect
49 Aeromite
51 Triopikeur
53 Persian
55 Akwakwak
57 Colossinge
59 Arcanin
62 Tartard
65 Alakazam
68 Mackogneur
71 Empiflor
73 Tentacruel
76 Grolem
78 Galopa
80 Flagadoss
82 Magneton
85 Dodrio
87 Lamantine
89 Grotadmorv
91 Crustabri
94 Ectoplasma
97 Hypnomade
99 Krabboss
101 Electrode
103 Noadkoko
105 Ossatueur
110 Smogogo
112 Rhinoferos
117 Hypocean
119 Poissoiroy
121 Staross
130 Leviator
131 Lokhlass
134 Aquali
135 Voltali
136 Pyroli
139 Amonistar
141 Kabutops
144 Artikodin
145 Electhor
146 Sulfura


No one wants to help me? :slightly_frowning_face:

Mate, these are exceptionally niche. Chances are, no one here actually collects them.

I have many but no time to dig them out and organize them.
If that changes I’ll let you know…

are these da tingz? - buyee.jp/item/yahoo/auction/n180465078

Says theres 392 of them in MInt conditions.

No, I am looking for Topsun/Topseika seals, they are totally different (look the picture on the first post :wink:).
I think these seals were distributed in a gum pack like the red/green Topsun cards.

Are you sure that you are not confusing with seals like that.

Yes I know, but nothing ventured, nothing gained. Besides, there are some non TGC item collectors here.

Yeah, I get confused pretty easily but not so much with Pokemon lol.

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I have no idea what to type into yahoo for this, I just saw these whilst scrolling and thought they were similar.

Looking for these too! I found one on Yahoo. But just one :slightly_frowning_face: