WTB PSA 9 1st Ed Base Zard

Ideally from a UK seller/ or someone willing to declare low/use a middle man

Offering £16,000($20,000) to £20,000($25,000) depending on cert, strength of grade and thick or thin stamp

Can pay via bank wire on collection if in the UK.



Have you tried @collectablepower on instagram? He has one for sale for a little more than you’re offering. Maybe you can work out a deal with him. He’s also from the UK if I’m not mistaken.
Edit: Sorry, skipped over the fact that £20000 is your max. He’s asking £21500, but he just lowered his price, so it might be worth waiting it out a little.


This one ended recently with all your qualifiers: ebay.us/uteS3N

Can’t tell if the sale went through, might be worth messaging the seller to check, as all the other listings are higher and/or not in the UK. If not, its a highly auctioned card so you will have options!


Thanks I am actually in contact with him as we speak, nothing confirmed yet, as in an ideal world I’d like a thick stamp, may have to settle for thin though

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Thanks, looks like it went through, they are auctioned frequently but mostly in America unfortunately for me, which means 25% additional in fees

There’s a nice copy on the PWCC Fixed marketplace for low 20’s

Then just declare it low value yourself and ship

Correct me if I’m wrong - but won’t this also lower the insurance coverage in the event it would get lost in the mail? With a Charizard or something over 4 figures I’d probably bite the bullet and pay it, but that’s just me.

PWCC does not let you under-declare card values anymore when withdrawing from the vault

I did it last week to get cheaper shipping

OP says he wants someone to “declare low”, which will lower the insurance coverage anyway.

Really? I tried lowering my insured values and it wouldn’t let me. Got on the chat system and the guy said the insured values were no longer user editable, and were determined by some internal team. Is there another way to lower them that I’m missing?

I recently changed a $200 card to $20 to avoid extra insurance fees during shipping, let me check if I can do it to others.

I did this a few months ago using the ‘request a change’ comment box and it worked. Tried the other day and got told that changing the insured value wasn’t possible. Seems like it depends on who reads the support ticket, but i’d be interested in exactly how you do it if you are successful.

Thread can be closed, decided to spontaneously buy a trophy instead which has stripped me of my cash, will re open if/when I have the funds again