WTB PSA 9 1999-2000 4th Print Charizard or Raw Version

Hi everyone!

I am looking to buy a Charizard 4th Print or 1999-2000 or UK Print, whatever you would like to call it x)

If someone has raw copies available that they might be willing to sell I am also interested if the first option is unachievable.

PSA 9 - 450$ - 500$

Raw Copy with PSA 9 potential - I actually have no idea, would like to see the card and have different inputs before settling a value, but definitely lower than 450$ due to the risk of coming back a 8 or lower.

I hope someone can help.
Stylus :grin:


why arnt you pming me? :nerd_face:

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Go away, create your thread with a lower offer than mine


It’s a PSA 9. Not a pristinidge. It has that stupid star in the bottom right too. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)