WTB: PSA 10 Misty 1st Edition 18/132 Gym Hereos

Hey guys,

Looking to buy Misty 1st edition from Gym Heroes in Gem Mint 10.

The only card I’m missing from my 1st Ed Gym Heroes set… Figured I might as well buy it in a 10!

Looking to pay £60/$80

I’m from the UK but I’m sure we can work out shipping if from overseas.
Bought one online this week but the seller had to refund as they had already sold it :dizzy_face:

Will edit this thread for future wants. Thanks!

hello, I believe I have one being regraded at PSA I opened a box and sent most of them off to PSA. If you can’t find one in 2-3 weeks message me. I’m at business day 37/50 atm.

Awesome - thank you! I’ll do that. I’ve been stalking eBay for this card for a while and haven’t seen anything, so I can wait a little longer :blush:

Yeah I do,

I considered your offer OP as it’s more than fair, I have decided to keep my card though, as I’d prefer the card over money at the moment

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@kkthxbai do you have one of these?

@ozenigma sold last month. I’m all out now.

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