WTB PSA 10 1st Edition Neo Genesis Lugia 9/111

As the title states. Offering and hoping $800 USD after taking into consideration the last eBay sale of $1,000 on a best offer and the fees associated with that, and the fact that others are sitting. Let me know if this is fair or if you have one and want to discuss price, please let me know. :blush:

i have a psa 8 if you’re interested, it looks way better than an 8 too :open_mouth:

You do realize that’s like the OP asking for a Ferrari, and you’re offering him a Honda…

Nice car don’t get me wrong, but no where near a Ferrari.


I got a push bike that on par with a Harley Davison if your keen :smirk:

Yeah fair enough guys fair enough :heart_eyes: Sorry!

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The last sale was $1100. 10% ebay fee (If they didn’t have a promotion) would be $990. So you should be looking to pay atleast $950 for one. Don’t think anyone would be looking for $800.

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Spot on

Agreed, but I also posted this 5 months ago, when there weren’t any recent sales to go off of.

I also no longer need this card- so mods can close this thread!


Didn’t even notice. Sorry!