WTB list - yz2428 (Sw&Sh booster boxes)

[updated 2022/02/05]
Hi all,

Gonna use this as my permanent WTB list. Prices are PP G&S and shipped.

Current wants:

5x Evolving Skies booster box ($125/ea)
3x Chilling Reign booster box ($80/ea)
3x Fusion Strike booster box ($80/ea)

DM. Thanks for looking~


Bump. List update.

Hey, just a friendly heads up. Nidoking and especially Magneton are worth considerably more. The last 3 recorded sales for the king were all in the 1800-2200 range, Magneton is surely above that given how difficult it is to grade it.

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I did inadequate research. Prices updated.

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Do you have a link to what the energies look like? I’ve been collecting holo energies for no reason but because I figured why not and it grew from there… but I’m not familar enough with the specific set…I can easily search my binder if you have some link or images handy. :blush:

something like this…


bump. new updates.

@yz2428, I have a base set venusaur pack

what’s the weight on it?

Messaged ya!

I believe it’s 21.06

i’ll DM you!

Be careful with the heavy base unl packs. There’s a later print run (darker shaded packs) that have all weights above 21gs, Holos around 21.5+g

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I did notice a couple packs online that weighed in at the super heavyweight category. Now I see why.

Do you have a comparison photo?

See pics below, these are all the heavier / darker shaded packs. I don’t have a side by side photo but Rusty possibly made an older video about it

thanks! i actually just saw a bunch of auctions listed with these darker, super heavy packs. they have like 9 charizard packs!!

@yz2428, I have another pack coming in today (blastoise art) if you’re interested

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what weight is it?

21.05, it’s not the dark variant. I PMed you