WTB Jungle No Symbol Errors PSA 9 UK

I just need 5 more to complete my Set, My price is £25 per card. Im in the UK, im not sure id buy from the US.

i need the following in PSA 9

#1 Clefable
#9 Pinsir
#10 Scyther
#11 Snorlax
#15 Vileplume

Thanks :blush:


Best of luck to you. I sold a PSA 9 set for $1200 USD the other day which is $75 a card and before that I auctioned off a few for ~$40 USD a piece. There’s a lot of interest in the set right now. If you see them for your price I’d say swoop them up fast!

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Damnnn $1200 for a PSA 9 set, thats a good sale.

Actually, I sell my PSA 9s for 40-50usd. A complete set I may want relatively more for cause of the difficulty of putting a set together.
Plus, in the coming months these cards could zoom up;)