WTB: Japanese Kangaskhan parent kid trophy card NOT PSA


im after a Japanese Kangaskhan parent kid promo trophy card. If anyone has one that they want to sell, please let me know :blush: im not after any psa versions of the card. Many thanks

DAMN! DAMN! DAMN!!! Lol. Been looking on ebay & yahoo japan constantly for the past month! Should have posted here first! Lol.

Thats so true! Thanks :blush: im sure one will turn up soon :blush:

Keep us posted if you do get one. It might be a while though. I’ve been looking for some time. Good luck.

Finding one from YJ or any other auction site wont be cheap as these have a lot of demand in Japan. I saw a scratched up kangaskhan go for 200k a month or two ago in Japan so Nr mint - mint copy would go for more.

You will need a private deal if you want to get one of these at a decent price.

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