WTB: Gallades and Machamps

Hi guys!

It’s my 4 year anniversary next week and I’d really like to get my boyfriend some cards for his collection. He collects Gallade and Machamp cards and loves Japanese ones the most.

I had made a deal for quite a few cards, but it recently fell through… :slightly_frowning_face:

If you have any extra Machamps or Gallades that you’re willing to part with for cheap, please let me know! He doesn’t have many right now, so I will buy pretty much any card.

Thanks! :blush:

LOL I have the Gallade cards, but I never knew this pokemon existed until now.

Which Gallade /Machamp are you looking?

What do you have?

I don’t think he has any Gallades (except for 1) and I just got him the English Machamp Prime and Japanese Machamp Prime not Prime, Lv. X lol.

He literally just started collecting them! lol

I guess my post didn’t stick? Repost (Delete if I posted somewhere random on accident):

I’ve got a Light Machamp (Unlimited), an RH Skyridge Machamp, and a sealed 1st edition Base Machamp.

How about you PM me an address and I send them all to you. Then you can decide what you personally feel they are worth and we can put that towards some future trade we do?

I assume you only want NM/Mint cards, right? Just double checking

@charlie: I will send you a PM! :wink:

@daelum: I’ll take less than NM/M as long as they’re not too bad; no creases, major scratches or really heavy edge wear. :blush:

Still looking. I would really like to get a hold of a Japanese Gallade Lv. X. :blush: