WTB: Drifblim FB Japanese Promo - 017/DPt-P

WTB: Drifblim FB (Frontier Brain) 017/DPt-P ( フワライドFB[フロンティアブレーン]) offering 150 USD for a raw binder copy

The price can be negotiable because I am also unsure of the raw prices. This is my best guess based on sales on Mercari JP and also comparing them to almost similar Dragonite FB promo card.

I am not too finicky about condition but a decent copy would be nice. I am located in EU and can pay via PayPal G&S. I will also cover for shipping.

Thanks a lot for your time and appreciate the help :pray:


I missed this one myself, just Probstein screwing up the title:(
Good luck in your search, I will find one eventually as well!

Yep, I had seen that as well, but also after the sale date. Sorry that you missed out on it. Hopefully you land your copy sometime.


Thread can be closed. Appreciate it.