WTB Delta Species Togetic and Feraligatr

Looking for raw English copies of these two Dragon Frontiers cards to be signed at Baltimore. Only looking for the Holo Rares, not looking for reverses. Have had a really tough time finding a nice Feraligatr without the print line most copies have. Don’t mind whitening on the back as long as the fronts are clean! Looking to pay about $30 each.

Realized I’m an idiot and put this in general instead of buying!

Just a reminder that you need to list prices you’re willing to pay in any buy thread! Being language specific also helps. If you want Japanese copies, I’ll be in Baltimore and can bring extras. I might have an English Togetic but I know I don’t have an English Feraligatr.

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I have one in the vault ready to be cracked. Will need a price though if youre interested

Sorry, just updated with prices and that I’m looking for English copies!