WTB: Chinese EX Legend Maker Singles

Located in Canada.
Prices in USD. Willing to negotiate!
I only want ungraded cards please! It’s hard to display in a binder when there is one or two cards that can’t go inside :slightly_frowning_face:

Flygon ex - $50
Mew ex - $60
Regice * - $100
Regirock * - $100
Registeel * - $100


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Updated OP.

Now just need two ex and three gold stars

Thought you may be interested in this


Unfortunately, I already have a Dustox ex :sob:

Thanks though!

Willing to offer higher than stated to get these 5 cards. HMU if you have any.

I think that Flygon ex is pretty hard to come by…

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Like I said, willing to negotiate!