Would you re-grade a card that you previously cracked?

Specifically, if it had hugely appreciated since you bought it?
In my case I bought a PSA 10 Lost Link Mew over a year ago for $50 shipped. I wanted it for my binder, so I cracked it and it’s been in there ever since… I just looked them up on ebay and the last PSA 9 was listed for $350 and sold best offer (forgive me I forgot how to check what the accepted offer was :slightly_frowning_face: )

Why not?

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Depends what the binder goals are. I dont like having expensive cards in my binder so yes i would probably grade it again.

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Depends what the purpose is for. Am I looking to eventually sell the card? Regrading and getting the 10 would be the best way of obtaining the most value. But if it’s staying in my collection, I don’t think it should matter if it is slabbed, especially after cracking it out of a 10 case.

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Check best offer through 130point.com.

And yeah, I would if I were going to sell the card/collection in the near future. Otherwise, no, I cracked it out for my binder so it doesn’t really matter if it appreciated. I collect mint binder cards so it’s not like I can replace it with another copy unless I change my collecting goals i.e. collect LP or worse cards.

Depends which card/s or set its from, if it was Steam Siege or Crimson Invasion its better destroyed.

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Cracking 10s now that’s a real binder collector right there

The PSA 9 you’re referencing that sold is October went for $300.