WOTC Era common/uncommon/trainers/energy cards Value

I was wondering what the value on WOTC Era common/uncommon/trainers/energy cards would be as follows:

500 energy cards all WOTC era base set thru neo genesis
200 WOTC era trainers both commons and uncommons
200 WOTC era uncommons base-neo
500 WOTC era commons base-neo

What do you think the total value would be for all of those combined?

So much depends on Editions

They are all unlimited edition if that is what you mean. No 1st editions or shadowless. Just an assortment of base, base 2, jungle, fossil, gyms, neo genesis. I am just trying to find out a general ball park idea of value

Impossible to know since you dont specify. 500 energies from WOTC era does not mean anything. Some sets are worth more then others. All WOTC sets can not be treated equally.