Worst Lineup Suggestions For Pokemon Red GBC

Title says it all lol. Once I finish my current millionth playthrough of Pokémon Red I was thinking about attempting to beat the game with the worst lineup I could think of or only using unevolved pokemon to spice it up a bit. Any suggestions?

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6 Abras


Magikarp, Goldeen, Staryu, Poliwag, Tentacool, Krabby.

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Metapod, Kakuna, Farfetch’d, Magikarp, Rattata, Porygon.

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Throw licky in there… that makes it different. He can learn self selfdestruct lol

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When I was a kid I taught my Charizard Cut… don’t be like me

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I’d get absolutely destroyed by electric pokemon…I love it

The worst lineup would definitely be sticking to the same type for your whole squad. This would make many battles challenging. Although, to truly beat the game with the worst lineup, I would recommend simply going with the first 6 pokemon you catch. No running away or purposely KOing wild mon. Try to catch what you can and end up with 3 pidgeys, your starter and 2 rattatas…

That would be interesting… i think.

I saw that video about beating it with only a ditto or magikarp before, I feel like that would get realllly boring though. Isnt it only possible with a game shark / hack though?

Erika and Surge would be interesting.

Thought that was what you would be doing. Just cheat in your 6 terrible lv.1 pokémon at the beginning.

Caterpie metapod butterfree weedle kakuna beedrill.

Whatever Brock does is probably bad.


There’s nothing wrong with teaching a starter an HM move in game. It’s not like you use all four move slots in battle anyway. With Charizard it’s basically Flamethrower away with the occasional Earthquake.

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True but it really came back to bite you if you played PvP at all, essentially throwing away a coverage slot.

I’m still playing on the GBA player on my gamecube. If I wanted to do that, how would I?

Sure but aren’t we just talking about in game? You could have your Charizard knowing Growl and Tail Whip and it would still be fine in game as long as you had two other attacking moves lol.

Gameshark for whatever GB you have that’s compatible. Looks like they’re $50+ USD but maybe you can pick one up on your local classifieds. Something like the 3DS wouldn’t require a cheat device since you can just mess with the SD card data.