Worlds 2024 Badge Signup Form - Honolulu

Sample from last year. This year will be Hawaii themed.

  • I will be attending worlds or will pick up in person
  • I would like the badge shipped
  • Yes, leave it blank

By hitting Submit you agree to pay for a badge. Price will be between $20-30 before shipping.


If you get more than one / to buy one for someone not on the website. Please let me know below.

Hi! I’m new so could anyone explain to me what an efour badge is exactly?

It’s just a fun thing that gets made for members of this community to celebrate worlds. Nothing official with respect to the Pokemon Company or worlds


Hey! I’ll need a second badge:

Line one:

Line two:

Thanks again!

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This is off topic but im just curious, will there be signings at the event by any artist?

@pfm Would like to request another Badge:

Line 1: ケンダル
Line 2: Kendal

Also I noticed last year the Line 1 was Name and Line 2 was username. Just wanted to point this out.

Its not in Japan this year so that’s why I did not ask for Japanese. Follow the instructions!!!

You can have Japanese if you want but it should be added as line 2

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I’ll also need a second badge!
Line one:
Line two:

Thank you all so much! :blush:


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Yes I know. I really don’t want to do


Ya sure, the second line for Japanese is fine


It’s our gang colours. You can rep them at worlds to mark our territory. Be sure to memorize the secret handshake before you arrive as well. Pfm can explain further.

Won’t be able to travel to Worlds but Definitely want my E4 Badge!


I had 44 people say they were interested and only 27 currently signed up. So here’s a tag. If you already signed up in this thread please ignore.

You will have until about the end of the month, after that your options are a blank one or nothing.



“You have already taken this survey”
Im already contributing as hard as I can :pikacry:


Thanks for the tag! Survey completed

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Thanks for the tag for me as well! Signed up :call_me_hand:t3: but unfortunately will be unable to attend worlds :smiling_face_with_tear:

Thanks for the tag! i really didnt want to miss it


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